Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creepy Chan and Nosebleeds

Allison Harvard c/o The Mind of Dre
Allison Harvard 

Allison Harvard is a 24-year-old "America's Next Top Model" alum from Houston, Texas. She's skinny, blonde. Non-original? Not if you include those saucer eyes and spooky photos. She's Creepy Chan, and she's an Internet sensation.

Creepy Chan c/o Photobucket
Creepy Chan
One of her fascinations? Blood. Fake or otherwise. She told Tyra she loves nosebleeds.  Remember those? I got them as a kid.

Facts About Nosebleeds

Anterior nosebleeds are most common

Anterior nosebleeds make up most of the nosebleeds we experience. The bleeding comes from a blood vessel at the front part of the nose. Posterior nosebleeds, bleeding from an artery in the back of the nose, are less common, but much more serious.

Pinching your nose during a nosebleed is a good way to stop it

Using your thumb and index finger to pinch your nostrils shut, while breathing through your mouth, is a good way to stop a nosebleed. Pinch for five to 10 minutes. Pressure helps to stop the blood flow.

Many nosebleeds occur during the winters

Some people get more nosebleeds in the winter when the air inside the house is dry. It's good to try a humidifier to keep the air moist.

Seek medical attention for a nosebleed that occurs after an injury

If a nosebleed is a result of a fall or accident, it could be a sign of internal bleeding. Seek medical attention.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Edward Cullen: The Quintessential Vampire

Twilight movie haters, ignore this post. The rest of you, who's ready for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" to hit theaters in November? I'm not a fan of the books, but I am a fan of the movies, and I'm not missing "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." Who is one of my favorite characters? It's Edward Cullen. I think of him as the typical modern-day vampire.

Vampires are intelligent

Vampires are smart and self-confident. Edward Cullen is a good example of that. Remember this scene from "New Moon" where he recites Romeo and Juliet?

Vampires are confident

In the Twilight movies, Bella Swan is independent, but nowhere as self-assured as Edward Cullen, who is calm and who speaks with confidence. Even Robert Pattinson admits he's not like his character. "When it comes to the opposite sex, I'm not as fully confident as the guy I play," he said.

Vampires are strong

Vampires possess incredible strength with increased reactions and endurance.   Take a look at Edward saving Bella in the school parking lot for an excellent example.

Vampires are beautiful

Yeah, so the vampire in "Nosferatu" was no beauty, but the vampires in popular culture are. Robert Pattinson is physically beautiful and the perfect choice for Edward Cullen.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Internet Troll vs. Troll

In today's 21st century world, "troll" means more than a supernatural monster. Many people think of a troll as an Internet troll.

Internet trolls are monsters too, except this monster lover is not fond of them.  As Captain Understatement writes, "Trolls are sad people who have no life and live in basements. They love to attack others with cyber-bullying comments and spam. They know they will never get laid."

Well...they may not live in the basement and they may indeed get laid, but they are sad people.

The best definition of an Internet troll?  "An Internet 'troll' is an abusive and obnoxious user who promotes hate and disharmony in online communities. Named after the wicked troll creatures of children's tales, an Internet troll is someone who stirs up drama and abuses their online anonymity by purposely sowing hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny, or just simple bickering between others. Trolls like a big audience, so they frequent blog sites, news sites, discussion forums, and game chat. Trolls thrive in any environment where they are allowed to make public comments."

During the last five years, I dealt with an Internet troll whom I actually befriended. You see, she's also a spider who knows how to pull you into her web. (Only the smartest and the bravest know how to pull themselves out.)  The female troll was known as one of the most evil at a content site where she was eventually banned. It isn't that she is a bigot or a racist. She's just evil. (You don't have to be a bigot or a racist to be evil.) Evil people are sociopaths who get off on hurting others. Evil people spread lies about you.  The phrase, "Don't feed the troll" is a golden rule. Better yet, remove a troll from your life entirely. You'll be glad you did.

Burn the witch, the witch is dead
Burn the witch, burn the witch
Just bring me back her head


So what about the original trolls? Well, they can be either dwarfs or giants who live in caves, mountains or dark forests. They are depicted as menacing and horrific. They've been known for being stupid and for having a taste for the flesh of humans. They reportedly have an aversion to noise and to sunlight. In fact, they've been said to turn into stone if they are in sunlight. A troll was described in the Norwegian fairy tale Three Billy Goats Gruff and in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, among others. Today, you can buy cute little troll dolls that look nothing like the original monsters.

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