Friday, May 11, 2012

Teleportation and Zxxtergins

Remember "Star Trek" and the transporter? It was a teleportation machine, and it was cool.

Teleportation involves the transfer of matter from one point to another point.

As reported at Chemistry Daily, "The notion of teleportation was conceived in the course of the Golden Age of 20th century science fiction literature by authors who considered necessary a form of on the spot intangible conveyance tools to hold up the narratives of their tales."

In my novella Litria, Zxxtergins are introduced to the world. Zxxtergins are little-known monsters that roam the earth, and one gift that these monsters have is the ability to teleport. They don't step inside a machine like in Star Trek. They can do it on their own.

Outside, the night sky gave Litria an extra boost of energy. She was only 18, but her fake ID said otherwise. She could stand in Club Illusion’s long line and flash her identification when she got to the door. It was the human way, and her fake ID always worked there. But she wasn’t human. She was an Zxxtergin, and Xs possessed the gift of teleportation. She closed her eyes and focused on Club Illusion's interior. An empty stall in the ladies room was always a favorite place to teleport whenever she visited the club. A few seconds later, 18 miles away from her home, she stood in front of a Club Illusion’s toilet.

From the wiki "TV Tropes," "Teleportation is an awesome power to have. Even with the risks involved, it's hands down the best way to travel in fiction."

It was certainly fun to use teleportation in my novella.

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  1. Cool beans. It reminds me of an article I read several months back. The writer was a scientist who opined that theoretically it is possible to travel back in time, albeit we don't have the tech to do it. So for now, like you have done with your novella, we'll just enjoy fictional travel and dream on.

    1. One of the things that makes fiction to much fun. We can make stuff up!

  2. Teleportation is underused in horror books/movies. Your novella is going to be so original and refreshing!! ~Angela


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