Monday, May 14, 2012

Running is a Great Way to Lose Weight

Although this blog is focused on monsters, I thought I'd interject a bit of myself today. (Plus, I'm a bit of a monster anyway.)

One of my goals continues to be to lose weight. I don't have a lot to lose, but I have enough to lose. Sometimes I think eating right is more important than the exercise when it comes to losing weight, and I'm trying to eat right at all times. I'm actually pretty good at that. However, I had a few surgeries that kept me from exercising, and that has been hard. But now I'm back, and running is my primary exercise at the moment. I love my iPhone and I downloaded RunKeeper to keep me going.

Choose the right running shoes

I own a lot of shoes. Some of them are expensive. Some of them are cheap. But when it comes to running shoes, cheap is never the answer. The first thing I did, before I started my running routine, was buy a good pair of running shoes.

I didn't just grab some shoes off the rack. I went to a store where they custom fit you for your running shoes. They do a visual analysis of your feet; they videotape you running and walking on a treadmill; they measure your feet for size and width. After they bring out some pairs for you to try on, they also have you run outside so that you can tell what pair is the right one for you. I chose a pair by New Balance that feel great and work really well for me.

Choose your running route

Deciding on my route was easy, because it's the route I took before I had to stop running for awhile. It's a 5K route, but I'm not running 5Ks these days. A 5K is 3.1 miles and currently I'm running about 2 miles. I need to work my way back up to a 5K.

Choose to cross train and lift weights

In addition to running, I also need to make sure to ride my bike at least 5 days a week. Furthermore, I want to commit to lifting weights every Saturday or Sunday, focusing on the upper half of my body - arms, chest, back and abs.

Choose to stick with it

The only way I'll fail in my exercise routine is if I quit. I really love running, but it's nice out now. When the winter hits, that's when it gets tougher. I need to stick with it through the winter. I can run outside until it's gets too cold and then run on the treadmill at the health club.

I try to keep my son in mind during this process. He's a cross country runner, and his team runs in rain, snow, heat or whatever. For them, very rarely is weather an excuse not to run outside. So if I think like athletes think, it helps.

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  1. Thinking like an athlete definitely helps. I started running a year ago after signing up for my first 5K. It was a challenge, but now I run almost daily, and I'm up to 6 miles. Also, I've kind of grown to like it! Good luck with your exercise goals... I have full faith in you!

    1. Hey Katy,

      Thanks for the encouragement. Someday I hope to run 6 miles or more a day. Baby steps...

  2. There's an app for that entitled, Zombies! Run!

    I might get it myself someday because I only run when I'm chased.

  3. Good for you Jolie! I recently read runners live longer, did you see that report?

    Love you little running Zombie he's looking a bit like a Pilgrim with that belt and hat!

    1. Hey Jen! Yep, I read the report. It makes sense too.

  4. Well, zombies weren't originally so fast,(at least not in the movies) but after I saw Zombieland, I was like, gee fast running zombies are way scarier than the slow moving ones. Made me want to run!

    1. There were fast moving zombies in "Dawn of the Dead Part 2." I like them faster rather than slower.

  5. That's great about the running and cross-training plan. Good for you!

  6. I have never been much of a runner. Sprinting is all I can do.
    Good for you on getting back to your running.


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