Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Litria


(Litria could be a twin of Alexandria Mills, Miss World 2010.)

After over a decade of published short stories and hundreds of published articles, I've written my first paranormal/horror novella. It's called Litria and it's book one of The M Series.

I've always been an erotica writer, but I've also always been a fan of horror stories and paranormal horror stories. I understand why many people love vampire fiction and zombie tales. I'm among those people. As stated at Abattoir, "Sex and horror go together like chocolate and the still beating heart of your enemy clutched in your hand."

However, when I wrote my first novella, I didn't want to write about vampires or zombies.  I wanted to invent my own creatures, with their own habits and customs. So years ago, in a Yahoo! group, I asked folks to come up with a name for my monsters. Pamela K. Kinney invented the name Zxxtergin, and I loved it.

So that's the name of my monsters. Zxxtergins look like you or me, but they are far from human. Find out more about Zxxtergins here -5 Facts About Zxxtergins

Litria, a beautiful female Zxxtergin, is the subject of my first novella.  The Buscetto family of Zxxtergins live in Layneworth. Litria, daughter of Vito and Mira Buscetto, is a lesbian who likes to have sex with human females before she kills them. Brenda is a human and a Layneworth detective who's job it is to find out why so many women are turning up naked, bloody and dead. Will Brenda figure out that the killer is Litria, and what happens if she does?

Litria is coming soon from Logical-Lust.


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LITRIA, Jolie's first horror/paranormal novella, is coming soon!

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  1. This sounds really interesting! I'm intrigued. :)

  2. @Lisa - Thanks!! I have a crazy mind. LOL!

  3. I love that you created your own creatures instead of opting to use the things everyone else does!

    I am definitely intrigued by your book!

  4. @Kyra - Thanks! There's freedom when you create your own, and you won't get criticized for making vampires sparkle or some such thing. LOL!

  5. HI Jolie! Thanks for giving us a preview of your upcoming book! It sounds fantastic. You're so creative! :)~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

  6. How exciting for you regarding your book, Jolie! I don't read much horror, but it sounds interesting and I would certainly give it a try!

  7. That's a great quote, from Abattoir. And I really like that you came up with your own creatures rather than re-purposing the same tired ones everyone else uses. Let's hope Brenda figures out what's what before Litria Zxxterminates the entire human race.

  8. @Nate - Thanks, and I'm going to have to steal your term "Zxxterminate." It's just too cool for school.


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