Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kisses for Inirot Xuzbadageeli

Today is K day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, and I'd like to alert you to a problem that one of my alien friends has. Inirot Xuzbadageeli is from the planet Roelaari (Population 30,000), and he needs your kisses.

Inirot has been quite the mess lately. He tells me he's experiencing severe depression, so much, in fact, that he's gotten his hands on some human mind poison - alcohol and cigarettes. The good news is that Inirot is only here for a brief time. Soon he'll travel back to Roelaari, and that means he'll have to give up the alcohol and cigarettes. The bad news is he tells me that when he gets back to his planet he's going to take up toxxy, which apparently is stronger than crack cocaine. 

Please post an inspirational message for Inirot. What gets you through tough times? I'll make sure he gets your kisses.


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  1. Sounds like Earth posions might be slightly better for him than those from his own planet!

  2. @Kyra - Yeah, I don't want him near the stuff.

  3. Inirot could use an inspirational message, folks.

  4. Make sure its champagne then! French at that, may as well go out in style!

  5. @Maria - I guess I would prefer he drink French champagne than beer.

  6. Dear Inirot, enjoy the earthly ennui while it lasts! You won't really find anything quite so self-absorbed ever again. *muaks*

  7. @Melch - Thank you for your wise words. I'll make sure Inirot gets your message.

  8. Chocolate! Dang it, Jolie! Give him chocolate!!! And lots o' kisses! XOXOX! ~ Angela

  9. @Angela, Thanks! I think chocolate is a good suggestion for him. I know good, dark chocolate always does the trick for me.


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