Friday, October 30, 2015

What Post Apocalyptic Survival Gear Do You Need?

I was inspired by Cotopaxi with a fun challenge: What would I pack for survival during an otherworldly outbreak of the undead?

These days it seems as if everyone is worried that civilization is going to fall apart any day now.  While zombies may not be the most likely scenario, who knows what might happen? If a plague of the undead were to erupt, we would all need to have the right post apocalyptic survival gear on hand if we expect to have any hope of making it. A gun or a machete? Of course, but there's other stuff you'll need, as well.

A good backpack would be a must to store all of the gear that you'll need. The Taboche 55L backpack would be a good choice since it gives you plenty of room to store lots of equipment and is sturdy enough to stand up to almost anything.

You'll need to make sure you have clean drinking water on hand.  An Agua Water Bottle would be useful.

A good,  sturdy jacket to keep yourself warm and to provide some additional protection from the zombies is a smart purchase. A Pacaya insulated jacket gives you the flexibility that you need without restricting your freedom of movement.

And of course, you can't always find shelter when you're surviving the zombie apocalypse. So you might as well stock up on the Techo 3 tent. You'll always have a roof over your head, so you can stay out in the countryside and the woods, away from the city where the undead are plentiful.

When you're planning to survive the undead, don't just think weapons. Think gear, too!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Got Coffin Plans? Welcome to the 2015 October Frights Blog Hop

UPDATE 10/11/2015:

The winner of the pewter coffin on leather cord necklace is Ashley Martinez!  Congratulations!  Please email me at joliedupre (at) to claim your prize!


There are images that we see most often during the Halloween season.  These include skeletons, graveyards, witches, ghosts, and coffins.

It's almost Halloween.  Do you have coffin plans for the big day?

A coffin is a box used for keeping a corpse.  They're also beloved by certain members of the undead, mainly vampires.   Vampires are mythological and based on folklore. Essentially, they are beings who survive off of the blood of other animals (especially humans). The idea of vampires goes back to prehistoric times, although the modern vampires are very different from the original undead monsters.

The vampires in my Pierce episodes are modern to the core.  They don't even sleep in coffins.  In fact, one of my vampire characters owns a coffin that he keeps in his basement, but he only lugs it out for his annual Halloween parties.

For your Halloween party, you can do the same.  Don't have one?  (Of course not.  Why would you?)  So how about you make one?

* * *

In celebration of this fun hop, I'm giving away a prize. Win this pewter coffin on leather cord necklace! Great for Halloween!

To enter, simply leave a comment below.   Then check back on October 11th to see if you're a winner!  I will pick one commenter via

* * *

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Announcing Pierce Vampire Serial and Win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

To celebrate the launch of my paranormal romance vampire serial, I'm running a giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Pierce: A Vampire Serial, Season 1 - Episode One

Part 1 of 5

When vampire warning signs flog the city and people mysteriously disappear one by one, Alicia avoids the nightly hours like the black plague. This attractive, African-American lady spends her days waitressing all while struggling to make a living after a devastating breakup. Her city is already a danger zone, and the arrival of a Caucasian, blood-thirsty trio (Dagon, Vince, and Bess) only amplifies the dilemma. Dagon is a romantic treading between the lines of hopeless and hopeful, whereas Vince’s sexual compulsion doesn’t leave him with any room for true love. Bess is clearly attracted to the much-flaunted Dagon, but alas, her interest is unrequited. Could it be that someone else—of non-vampiric origin, has grabbed a tight hold on his non-beating heart? And with all these monstrosities running about, is Alicia truly safe in the comfort of her own home between sunset and sunrise?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Pierce is SERIALIZED FICTION divided into five episodes. (Think of it like episodes of a TV series.) It is quick reading, perfect for busy people. Parts one through four ends with CLIFFHANGERS with episode five as the conclusion of Season 1. Therefore, Pierce episodes are NOT STANDALONE BOOKS. Below is the schedule for Pierce, Season 1:

Episode One - August 10

Episode Two - August 24

Episode Three - September 7

Episode Four - September 21

Episode Five (Conclusion) - October 5

* * *
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Give Us Your Best Excerpt: The Layneworth Monsters

Thank you for stopping by my blog as part of Give Us Your Best Excerpt: Paranormal Romance Blog Hop!  Enjoy paranormal romance excerpts by over 30 authors!

My excerpt is from my new novel, The Layneworth Monsters.  All of my work is available exclusively at Amazon.  You can purchase the book for $3.99 or borrow it for free as part of Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

* * *


There's a vicious serial killer in town that's keeping the detectives of Layneworth and the entire city up at night. Some think it's a ruthless human, while others could swear werewolves are behind the havoc.

The Buscettos are far from human. Though they appear like the typical, charming family to the outside world—they're a sex and bloodthirsty monster race that has stealthily roamed the planet since the fifth century. Known as Zxxtergins, they often leave their victims mutilated and nude in their pursuit of carnal desire.

Detective Brenda Martin and her partner Robert Moretti are determined to crack the case, but at what cost? Vaccinations are said to keep the Zxxtergins at bay. When Brenda forgets to keep up with her vaccinations, does she too become a victim? Amongst all of the cross-species love and uncontrollable lust, loss of life both monster and human, is Layneworth, let alone the world, safe from the Zxxtergin race?

* * *

One of the main characters in my novel is bisexual.  Therefore, the novel contains both F/F and M/F scenes.


 A few hours later, Brenda was in her car, headed back home. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered rapidly. This Litria was beautiful, but she was young, and she’d have to deal with the fact that she was young.
When Brenda entered her home, Litria was sitting on the couch, wearing one of Brenda’s oversized T-shirts and nothing else. The erect nipples of her perky breasts pushed against the fabric of the shirt. Litria flashed Brenda a smile. “Hi!”
“Hi, Litria. That shirt looks great on you. You look beautiful.” Brenda put her purse and briefcase down with one hand, carrying a bucket of chicken in the other. She had stopped at a takeout place along the way. With Veronica gone, fast food meals would be on the menu, at least for the near future. “ must be hungry. I’ve got some chicken here.”
“No, I’m not hungry.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’m great. I’ll just watch you.”
“Not a fan of fried chicken, huh?”
Litria walked up to Brenda. “I’m a fan of you.”
Brenda blushed. Who is this girl, and what am I getting myself into?

* * *

In the kitchen, Brenda removed a plate out of the cabinet and put chicken, coleslaw, and a biscuit on it. Before she could turn for the table, Litria was standing behind her. She hadn’t noticed the young woman had come so close.
Litria placed her hands on Brenda’s waist. “Do you need help with anything?” She whispered into Brenda’s ear. Her breasts pushed against Brenda’s back.
Brenda’s pussy quivered. “No...I...I...”
Litria’s lips were on Brenda’s neck.
The quivers in Brenda’s pussy intensified. She turned and stared into Litria’s eyes. The beautiful woman was like an animal ready to pounce. Brenda took a deep breath, and Litria’s lips were on hers before pulling away.
“Is there something wrong?” Brenda asked.
“’re just different than the other women I meet.” 
“Different? I hope that’s a good thing.” Brenda smiled nervously. 
“Yes. It’s a good thing.” Litria walked back to her chair and sat down.
Brenda stared at Litria and tried to regain her composure. She took her plate and slowly sat at the table. “ old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“Twenty-one,” Litria said.
“I see. Well...I’m thirty-eight. That’s quite an age difference.” 
Litria laughed. “Oh please, does it really matter?”
“Well...I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t. It’s just that I’ve never been with someone so young.”
The phone rang, startling Brenda.
“If it’s Veronica, tell her to go away,” Litria said.
Brenda looked at Litria in shock, but it was mixed with agreement. She wanted to tell Veronica to go away. 
“Brenda, we need to talk,” said Veronica.
“Yes, we certainly do.”
Litria grabbed the phone from Brenda’s hand. “Look, bitch, Brenda doesn’t wanna talk. Come get your shit and get out.” 
Litria handed the phone back to Brenda. “Go on, tell her.”
Brenda slowly reached for the phone. She felt oddly at peace, even as she heard the sound of Veronica’s voice, screaming at the other end. She put the phone to her ear.
“Who the hell is that? Wow! You just couldn’t wait could you?” 
“Please, Ronnie. We do need to talk.”
“Who was that? Answer me, Brenda!”
“Calm down.”
“Don’t tell me to calm down! I want to know who’s in the house.”
“Things haven’t been right between you and me for a while. It’s time to discuss separation. I’ll help you get settled and into your own place. Don’t worry.”
“I don’t need your fucking help!” Veronica slammed down the phone.
The women studied each other from across the table. Litria sat back in her chair, stroking her long hair with a look of satisfaction settled on her face.
Brenda gazed at Litria. She couldn’t explain it, but this young, beautiful woman made her feel more wanted and desired than she had felt in a long time.
“Now, eat your food,” Litria said. 
Brenda smiled. “Yes, ma’am.”

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Upcoming Books By Jolie

Time for another Celebrate The Small Things weekly blog fest that happens every Friday.  On this day, participates write about what they are grateful about for the week.

* * *

1. I have a lot of upcoming books for the rest of this year.  My novel The Layneworth Monsters will be published on July 13.  August will be the start of my vampire paranormal romance serial.  In September, I begin my Mystifying Mate paranormal romance series, and later in the year I'll publish my shifter paranormal romance series.  

2. My birthday was this past June 17.  I'm older, but I'm wiser too.

3. I'm grateful to have spent a week at my cottage in Canada.  (Well be returning again at the end of July.)  We bought a new sofa, stove, refrigerator and bed for the cottage, as well.  So I'm grateful for those too.  It's a pain-in-the-butt process to order furniture in the U.S and then have it delivered (by boat) to our cottage in Canada, but we survived.  

I love my new sofa!

4. More and more authors have signed up for the paranormal romance blog hop that I'm sponsoring on July 14.  If you have an excerpt from a paranormal romance book of yours that you'd like to share, join this fun blog hop!

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Summer of Zombie is Doing Well!

Time for another Celebrate The Small Things weekly blog fest that happens every Friday.  On this day, participates write about what they are grateful about for the week.

I'm one of the 12 authors in the Summer of Zombie box set.  I'm happy to see that the book has consistently stayed below the 10,000 rank at the Amazon Kindle Store since its release.  Currently, it's at #4,208 Paid in Kindle Store.

If you love zombie stories, grab this box set of 12 books for only $1.99 USD.  The book is only available for the summer - a limited time!

Summer of Zombie

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cheap Ebooks for Kindle: Summer Of Zombie: 12 Ebook Box Set


When it comes to cheap eBooks for Kindle, you've just been treated to the best deal on the planet!  Summer of Zombie is a set of 12 eBooks by 12 zombie authors, and the entire collection is only $1.99 USD.  But here's the catch - it's only available for a limited time.  So get it NOW and fill your summer with 818,631 words and 356 chapters!   Summer Of Zombie: 12 Ebook Box Set

A Shrouded World: Whistlers
Mark Tufo & John O’Brien
When two worlds collide…
Jack Walker and Michael Talbot come from two worlds; the same, yet different. They both find themselves transported into an alien one, where things aren’t as they seem.

Bob The Spy 
Jaime Johnesee
Bob is back, join him and his pal Face as they do their bumbling best to try and stop a plot to overthrow the world’s governments.

Loose Ends 
Jay Wilburn
Loose Ends is the story of three cooks and a mute boy (the narrator) who are the only survivors of a raider attack after the zombie apocalypse. They proceed to look for a new home, but in the process uncover the darkness in each other’s pasts.

Undead Drive-Thru 
Rebecca Besser
When Kyndra, Colleen, and Jose apply for jobs at a diner that has seen better days and is undergoing renovations, they have no idea what they’re in for.  Aunt-B and John have a horrible secret, and when it’s unleashed on the unsuspecting employees of the diner, things get . . . complicated.

Trudge: Surviving the Apocalypse 
Shawn Chesser
For Cade Grayson, husband, father, and former Delta Force operator, that one warm sunny Saturday in July—later to be labeled Z-Day by some anonymous person probably long dead—began like all the others before, and none since.

T-Minus Zero 
Jack Wallen
“Lights! Camera! Zombies!
In this prequel to the I Zombie series, the Zero Day Collective hires an award-winning director and Hollywood film crew to document the first-ever release of the Mengele Virus. Death is ready for its close up… are you?”

Humanity’s Hope: Camp H 
Greg P. Ferrell
Mankind has always worried about the end of its days and that time has come in the form of a Zombie plague. A group of friends have banded together to create a safe haven they call Camp H, for hope. They are unaware of approaching danger on two horizons that will take them to their limits to survive. One among them may hold the key to humanity’s salvation.

Benton: A Zombie Novel, Vol. 1 
Jolie du Pre
The First Zombie Book of Jennifer Benton’s Adventures
Zombies have killed everyone in the Benton household–all except twenty-something Jennifer. She’s escaped her bedroom, but what now? Waterbank, Illinois is overrun. Where can she go?

The Orphans: Origins 
Mike Evans
When one man pushes science past it’s breaking point, an unimaginable hell is unleashed on society. The Orphans: Origins Vol I is a zompoc tale like no other before it. Biochemist Frank Fox lost his wife to cancer eight years ago. He’d been recruited by the military to work on a classified mission for a cure that could save tens of thousands soldiers.

Dead Hunger II
Eric A. Shelman
As Flex, his niece Trina, Gem, Hemp and Charlie brave the wild world teeming with the walking dead, they make up the rules as they go along.

Dying Days: Origins 
Armand Rosamilia
The prequel tale to Tosha Shorb, featured in Dying Days 2 zombie novella as well as short stories set in the Dying Days world.
Includes two bonus stories

Odium: The Dead Saga 
Claire C. Riley
It’s better to die by the gun than die by the dead.
Nina’s life was irrevocably changed when humanity’s dead began to rise.
Now, she lives behind the walls.
Nina finds out that the deaders aren’t the only thing to fear beyond the wall.
And that fear will not be ignored, or Forgotten.